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Monday, July 6, 2009

Change of topic

Recently, I've taken to a few "self improvements". I have a nasty habit of harvesting z's amongst the daylight hours. I figure that while most people till the lands during the day, I shall till the books in the night. This isn't always the case I've found. Since the mind has grown accustomed to the summer laze, it has taken its sweet time conjuring up motivation for what, for as accurately as I can recall, were tasks that were automatic. There was a time when I went to the gym everyday and it was easy. Now? I'm a god damned escape artist! From myself! So, I've created a sleep schedule to stick to.

Another thing is this new declaration of vegetarian. The acceptances have been mixed. Some are certain I will explore this avenue for awhile and ditch it, others suggest that I am not even a vegetarian and that this is less than a phase, and some full on think I can do this. Some don't even care - I ask them, "Did you know I declared myself vegetarian?" They look at me, "Really? Cool..." and then a topic change.

I'll elaborate more another time. I need to get to bed now.

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B. von Traven said...

All such changes are experiments. You interrogate, not nature, but yourself, standing back, seeing what happens. What will you do? Will you stick with it? Does it matter that you don't know quite what it means to take this stand? Does it matter that it doesn't matter (if it doesn't)?

Stand back, observe the results of your experiment. Do not suppose that it is anything else but an experiment, an interrogation of some arbitrary particle of nature.

And do not overthink it. Does one think about one's love of black? No! One does not! Wear your vegetarianism. It either fits or it does not. Time will tell.

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