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Friday, November 27, 2009

Creation is not possible.

As of late I have found fault with those who claim to "create." I don't believe anyone can truly "create" anything. Construct, certainly, but create? No, definitely not. See, I think we construct. As humans, the power of creation is not within us, only the power to reorder is. One is restricted to simply re-ordering what might be called "elements" and building up, from those elements, structures which were not erect before. This leads us to an interesting implication. There is only a finite number of elements, and only a finite number of combonations of them. Thus there is only a finite number of structures, or ideas, etc. If one believes time to be infinite, then there has to be a lot of repetition.

The notion of creativity still exists, though. However, with the previously mentioned in mind, it now spans more than just the "arts." Instead, it now lends itself to the fields of engineering, or mathematics, where one's paintbrushes, cameras and actors are replaced with physical matter or mathematical concepts. Using just those elements one can certainly create monuments of artistry if one so desired, but I feel those that weild such elements masterfully might, instead, feel inclined to lend themselves to matters of practicality.

Okay, so why bother bringing this up? Well, such an idea is made to be blatantly obvious is one were to generate every possible permutation of, say, a 512x512 image with the 32 billion colors we have available to us (The number of permutations results in a number which contains more than 2.7 million in length) we would in essence be able to generate every image of every person that has ever existed, will never exist, will exist, every frame of every movie ever made, will never be made, and will be made, every mathematical equation wrong, and right, every possible world line in the physical universe, etc. In a sentence, any image that you can imagine in your mind will be created. Naturally creating every permutation and storing every permutation would take a lot of hard drive space, and a LOT of time (trillions of years), not to mention sorting out all of the useless, nonsense images. So, a friend and I have set our sites on generating just such an application - of course, we aim to make sorting the data, and jumping around the data extremely easy and possible. I just felt the idea was intriguing, however. More later.

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